Half Sovereign Coronation Charles III Gold Coin | 2023


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Coronation 2023 gold bullion Half Sovereign

On the 6th May 2023, at Westminster Abbey, the United Kingdom crowned a new King: Charles III. Having not had a coronation for 70 years, the United Kingdom and the world took the opportunity to celebrate in style and the Royal Mint decided to mark the occasion by releasing this beautiful Coronation 2023 gold bullion Half Sovereign.

The gold Sovereign is one of Britain’s most famous coins. The first one was minted in 1489 at the behest of Long Henry VII. Many consider The Sovereign as the “chief coin of the world’ and let us tell you why.

Because of the portrait of the new King

On the obverse features a one-off portrait of King Charles authorised only for use on Royal Mint coronation coins. This is the work of sculptor Martin Jennings who first made a modal in plasticine about the size of a hand and a few millimetres deep. It was then digitally scanned and reduced before dies were struck. Martin Jennings is well known for making public statues (Mary Seacole, Charles Dickens) but had never sculpted anything that small before. Martin Jennings describes the past monarchs’ heads on British coins as lacking expression and decided to make King Charles III look very human in contrast.

Here Charles is facing left wearing the Tudor Crown which was the imperial and state crown of English monarchs from the time of Henry VIII until it was destroyed in 1649. Since that time it has been used in insignia as a symbol of The Crown and the British Monarchy

The inscription surrounding the effigy on the coin reads “CHARLES III • DEI • GRA • REX • FID •DEF; This is an abbreviated form of ‘Charles III Dei Gratia Rex Fidei Defensor’, the Latin portion translates to: ‘by the Grace of God, King, Defender of the Faith’. Both ‘Dei Gratia’ and ‘Fidei Defensor’ have appeared in the legends of coins issued in the British Isles for centuries.

Because of the Pistrucci classic design

The 2023 Coronation Half Sovereign returns to the classic George and the Dragon design by Benedetto Pistrucci. Pistrucci’s design for the sovereign was extraordinary at the time and still is now. Saint George is depicted naked and muscular riding a horse with just a cloak flying out behind him.The smooth, solid flesh of the horse contrasts beautifully with the spiky, writhing, dragon. Influenced by the Parthenon marbles that had recently been brought to London by Lord Elgin, and taking inspiration from coins such as the famous ‘Gloria Romanorum’ issued by the Emperor Magnentius (303–353), Pistrucci’s work was unlike anything seen before on a British coin-especially in terms of energy and movement.

It is a truly beautiful and remarkable design which has been associated with Sovereign coins for years. The reverse is simple in terms of inscriptions and bears only the date of mintage 2023 and the initials of the designer B.P.

The coin has been expertly struck and produced to the unrivalled level of quality and craftsmanship that the Royal Mint is known for around the world.This Half Sovereign is struck in 3.99 grams of 22-carat gold with a diameter of 19.30 millimetres, measured from milled edge to milled edge. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, the coronation half-sovereign is housed in a timber presentation case and superb box-shipper. The package also includes a detailed booklet recounting the coronation ceremony and the King’s lifelong journey to the throne. Purchase yours today with StoneX Bullion.

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