Half Sovereign Charles III Gold Coin | 2024


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Half Sovereign Charles III Gold Coin | 2024

In your StoneX Bullion Shop, this coin presents the first Sovereign (a popular British coin) featuring the effigy of Charles III from The British Royal Mint.

The Obverse

Here you can see the vividly modeled design “St. George and the Dragon”. It was designed by the famous engraver Benedetto Pistrucci, born in 1783 in Rome and passed away in England in 1855. Upon closer inspection, you will notice the initials “BP” at the lower edge of the coin, next to the year of minting “2024”.

The Reverse

Here you can see the portrait of King Charles III, who, unlike his mother Queen Elizabeth II, looks to the left. You will also find the initials “MJ”, indicating the creator of this effigy, Martin Jennings. Although this Sovereign does not have a face value stamped on it, it is considered legal tender in Great Britain. Around the portrait, you will find the inscription: “CHARLES III. DEI GRA REX FID DEF”. This Latin abbreviation stands for: “By the grace of God, King, Defender of the Faith”.

Enhance your portfolio with just a few clicks at your StoneX Bullion Shop with this Half Sovereign Charles III Gold Coin | 2024, which has a face value of 1/2 British Pound and a fine weight of 3.66 g.

Our Tip: Furthermore, this beautiful gold coin is exceptionally suitable as a valuable and original gift for a loved one!

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Gewicht 3,66 kg


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