5g PAMP Lunar Legends Azure Dragon Gold Bar | 2024


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5g PAMP Lunar Legends Azure Dragon Gold Bar | 2024

The year 2024, within the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, begins with the azure dragon, which, according to legend, is the ruler of rain, ensuring a bountiful harvest. In contrast to Western perceptions where dragons are often associated with fear, this animal in Chinese culture symbolizes positive energy, success, and luck. Additionally, it represents majesty and power. The Swiss refinery PAMP has dedicated itself to this Chinese zodiac symbolism, drawing inspiration from Chinese mythology.

The Front

You see the depiction of a rather fearsome dragon that appears to be leaping towards the viewer. On the bottom left, you recognize the Chinese character for “dragon.”

The Reverse

At the top center, you see the logo of the PAMP refinery. Below that are the inscriptions: “SUISSE, 5 g GOLD,” and the fineness “999.9.” Prominently featured is the moon, surrounded by many stars. Below, you read the manufacturer’s mark “ESSAYEUR FONDEUR,” which translates to “assayer and smelter” in English.

About the PAMP Refinery

This relatively young company, founded in 1977, is located in the southeast of Switzerland. Just ten years later, it was accredited for international trade by the renowned London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Over time, the refinery has become the world’s largest manufacturer of precious metal bars made from silver, pure fine gold, platinum, and palladium, renowned for its unique quality.

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