5g Gold Bar | Austrian Mint | Kinebar


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5g gold bar | Austrian Mint | Kinebar

With this Kinebar you acquire a very special shape compared to a conventional gold bar. This is because the hologram applied here shows you reflections in the colours of the rainbow, depending on the angle and incidence of light. This is an additional authenticity and security feature.

The motif side

As a security feature, you will see a Lipizzaner, the breed of horse that gained worldwide fame through the legendary Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Depending on the angle from which you look at the security feature, the position changes, giving you the impression that the horse and rider appear to be jumping.

The back

Prominently placed in the viewer’s focus, the logo of Münze Österreich AG can be seen at the top centre. Below it, in large letters, is “MÜNZE ÖSTERREICH” and “5g FINE GOLD”, “999.9”. In the frame you can read “MELTER ASSAYER”, which translates as “assayer and smelter”.

About the “Austrian Mint AG”

The company of this name came into being in 1989, when the Austrian Central Mint was transformed into a public limited company and subsequently sold to the Oesterreichische (the official and correct spelling) Nationalbank. However, the actual history of the company dates back to the 12th century.

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