5g Gold Bar | Argor-Heraeus | Year Of The Dragon | 2024


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5g Gold Bar | Argor-Heraeus | Year of the Dragon | 2024

The Obverse Side

Here you see a powerful dragon, very detailed, from Argor-Heraeus. You should know that the dragon is the most revered animal in Chinese culture. It was also the symbol of the Chinese imperial family, and the throne on which the emperor sat was called the “Dragon Throne.” People born in the Year of the Dragon, and those yet to be born, are attributed with many characteristics. They are described as energetic, impatient, and particularly persistent. But they are also said to be honest, harmony-seeking, and righteous. In the lower right corner, you can see the Chinese character for “Dragon.”

The Reverse Side

This shows you the Argor-Heraeus logo, the origin “Switzerland,” the weight “5 g,” and “Fine Gold 999.9.”

You can conveniently secure this excellently crafted and limited 5g Gold Bar | Argor-Heraeus | Year of the Dragon | 2024 NOW in your StoneX Bullion Shop with just a few clicks. Perhaps you are also considering making this bar a special gift for a loved one? You will receive it in blister packaging that effectively protects the bar from dirt and damage, including a certificate of authenticity.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 5 kg


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