50g Gold Bar | Austrian Mint


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50g gold bars | Austrian Mint

Did you know that gold bars have been used as a means of exchange and payment for around 4000 years? Today, however, gold bars play a major role, for example as an investment or as a hedge against crises. However, they differ from bullion coins, which only came into circulation later, in that they do not have an imprinted nominal value.

Prominently placed in the focus of the viewer, you will recognise the logo of Münze Österreich AG at the top centre. Below it, in large letters, is “MÜNZE ÖSTERREICH” and “50g FINE GOLD”, “999.9”. In the frame you can read “MELTER ASSAYER”, which translates as “assayer and smelter”.

About the “Austrian Mint AG”

The company of this name came into being in 1989, when the Austrian Central Mint was transformed into a public limited company and subsequently sold to the Oesterreichische (the official and correct spelling) Nationalbank. However, the actual history of the company dates back to the 12th century.

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