5 oz Lunar III Dragon | Silver | 2024


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5 oz Lunar III Dragon | Silver | 2024

With this coin, you can once again witness the perfect minting technique of the renowned Perth Mint.

The Obverse

It presents a dragon seemingly in a frontal attack, showcasing a vivid and detailed depiction of the creature that symbolizes luck, power, and strength in Chinese culture. Below the dragon, you’ll find the Chinese character for “dragon,” followed by the uppercase English word “DRAGON” and the minting year “2024”. To the right of the Chinese character is “P125”, commemorating The Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary.

The Reverse

Here, you’ll see the globally recognized portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, facing right unlike her son, King Charles III. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the initials “JC” on her left shoulder, representing designer Jody Clark. Surrounding the Queen’s effigy is the inscription: “ELIZABETH II. 1952-2022” (her reign), “AUSTRALIA”, the face value “8 DOLLARS”, followed by “5 oz 9999 Ag”. The four digits indicate the purity of this reeded coin. “Ag” is derived from Latin for “Argentum,” meaning “Silver” in translation. This coin weighs 155.5175 grams.

Surely, you’d like to add this “treasure” to your portfolio. Fortunately, you don’t need to visit store after store to acquire this 5 oz Lunar III Dragon | Silver Coin | 2024. With just a few clicks, you can conveniently make this purchase from your home through your StoneX Bullion Shop! Once your payment is received, shipping will occur on the same day!

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Gewicht 155,5175 kg


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