3g China Panda Gold Coin | 2024


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3g China Panda Gold Coin | 2024

Enjoy the new issue of the Gold China Panda in your StoneX Bullion Shop! This coin has been minted by the China Mint since 1982. The current official issuing authority is the China Gold Coin Inc Mint . The cute appearance of the panda, which, like so many animal species, is threatened with extinction, not only has a fan base in China, but is also popular with people all over the world.

The Obverse Side

Designed with great care and dedication, you can see a mother panda lovingly and caringly looking after her cub. The leaves in the background are probably intended to symbolise a forest. In the upper edge of this fluted coin you can read the words “3g Au .999”, whereby the abbreviation “Au” stands for the Latin term “aurum”, which translates as “gold”. The number “.999” indicates the purity of this enchantingly designed gold coin. The number “50” and the Chinese character for the currency “yuan” can be read at the bottom of the motif side.

The Reverse Side

On the reverse of the coin, as with all coins in the Panda series, you can see the year of minting “2024” as well as the “Temple of Heaven” and, of the entire building complex, the “Hall of Harvest Prayer”, which can be admired in Beijing. This circular temple hall with a large three-tiered marble terrace and three-tiered roof construction was built by Emperor Yongle in 1420 and served the imperial dynasties as a place to pray for a good harvest. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. “People’s Republic of China” is written above the temple image in Chinese characters and the respective year of minting is shown at the bottom, in this case 2024. The design of the text band has changed slightly over the years, while the temple image, prominently draped in the centre of the coin, has remained untouched.

With this beautiful bullion coin, you are acquiring another “jewel” for your portfolio – with just a few clicks in your StoneX Bullion Shop! In addition, the 3g China Panda Gold Coin | 2024 is an excellent gift for a special occasion! After receipt of your payment, you will receive this coin – effectively protected against dirt and damage – shrink-wrapped in plastic.

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