30g China Panda Silver Coin | 2024


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30g China Panda Silver Coin | 2024

The coin with the China panda as its motif was first minted in 1982 and enjoys worldwide popularity, not least due to the cute theme of the Chinese panda. However, this animal, which is now considered endangered, is also of great importance in China, as the bear is seen as a symbol of good luck in this country and is also a sign of China’s economic prosperity.

The Obverse Side

The mint China Gold Coin Incorporation has opted for the “mother and child” motif, as you can recognise a large “mother panda” leaning lovingly towards her offspring. The two animals are surrounded by branches. Below the two animals you can see the face value, which in this case is 10 yuan and is recognised as a means of payment in China. Above the two pandas you can read the words “30g Ag .999”, i.e. 30 g fine weight, as well as the purity of the silver. “Ag” is the Latin abbreviation for “Argentum” and means “silver” in translation.

The Reverse Side

This shows you the Temple of Heaven in the capital Beijing. It symbolises the connection between heaven and earth and was built back in 1420. As part of an entire temple complex, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998. Above the edge of the coin you can see the Chinese lettering for “Temple of Heaven” and at the bottom you can recognise the year of minting “2024”.

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