24kt Gold Molten Drop Pendant


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Fine Gold Molten Drop Pendant

This exquisite 24-karat gold Molten Drop pendant is a fascinating piece that encapsulates the essence of liquid gold. Crafted with incomparable artistry, it resembles golden lava solidified in time and exudes purity and sophistication.
The pendant features a 3 mm V-loop, making it easy to combine with most necklaces and allowing for versatile styling. 

Whether worn as a standalone piece of jewellery or combined with other favourite pieces, this Molten Drop pendant adds a distinctive touch of luxury to any ensemble.
Each unique pendant is crafted with the utmost care and perfection and represents the highest standard of craftsmanship. Sculpted from pure 24-karat gold, this piece is characterised by unparalleled quality and enduring beauty. 

The purity of the 99.99% gold ensures the lasting lustre. Like a timeless treasure, our Molten Drop pendant outlasts fashion trends and is a valuable addition to any jewellery collection. Whether for personal enjoyment or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, this pendant captures the allure of pure gold at its most captivating. Here, investment is paired with wearability.

Length: 32mm
Width: 17.6mm
Height: 4.33mm

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Gewicht 12,8 kg


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