24kt Gold Eternal Twist Cuff


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Eternal Twist Cuff in fine Gold

The remarkable Eternal Twist bracelet in gold is a symbol of timeless grace and eternal connections. Crafted from pure, solid 24-karat gold, this bracelet embodies the essence of splendour and high-quality design. 

Inspired by the graceful twist of a falling sycamore seed, this bracelet captures the beauty of nature’s dance. The spiral shape of the bracelet symbolises the intricate journey of life and the eternal bonds of family, where DNA is passed from one generation to the next. 

With a purity level of 99.99%, this bracelet embodies uncompromising quality and unrivalled craftsmanship.
With our Eternal Twist gold bracelet, you embody the essence of eternal connection. Whether you wear it as a standalone piece of jewellery or combine it with other beloved pieces, it will leave a lasting impression and celebrate the beauty of life’s journey and the ties that bind us.

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