24kt Gold Classic Hammered Cuff


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Fine Gold Classic Hammered Cuff

Our handmade 24-karat Gold Classic Hammered Wrist Cuff is a creation of remarkable artistry and unrivalled skills. Each cuff is meticulously crafted by hand, giving it a unique and distinctive finish that sets it apart.

Made from pure, solid 24-karat gold, the cuff is characterised by its richness of material and craftsmanship. Thanks to the malleability and softness of the gold, the cuff gently adapts to your wrist over time, ensuring a customised fit and maximum comfort. The matt hammered gold surface gives the impression of honeycombs and makes the piece of jewellery not only intriguing but also unique due to the individuality of the handcrafted finish. With a purity of 99.99 %, this cuff is an example of the highest gold quality.

Enjoy the beauty of custom-made luxury with our handcrafted 24-karat gold cuff. Whether as a single piece of jewellery or in combination with other favourite pieces, this cuff enriches any ensemble with its timeless charm and incomparable craftsmanship.

Diameter: 66mm
Circumference: 148mm

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Gewicht 34,1 kg


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