20 Kroner Christian IX Denmark | Gold | 1863-1906


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20 Kroner Christian IX. Denmark | Gold | 1863-1906

Christian IX was born in 1818 at Gottorp Castle in Schleswig, which was then part of Denmark. His reign marks a significant period in Danish numismatic history, as the introduction of the new coinage law in 1875 not only abolished the previously valid Reichstaler but also implemented the Scandinavian Monetary Union, established in 1872. Through this currency union, Denmark, Sweden, and later Norway adopted the gold standard, following the example of the major European powers, Great Britain and Germany. All coins from the three states had the same coin standard, with 248 Kroner being minted from one kilogram of gold. This results in a fine weight of 8.06 grams for the coin. The gross weight is 8.96 grams, due to the alloy component of 100/1000, which gives the coin particularly high wear resistance.

Because of their typically high state of preservation, the Kroner coins are particularly popular among collectors with (northern) European collections. However, investors can also consider these coins, as their low weight and historical value make them easy to sell at any time.

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Gewicht 8,06 kg


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