20 French Francs Napoleon III Bonaparte | Gold | Mixed Years


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20 French Francs Napoleon III Bonaparte | Gold | Mixed Years

Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, a nephew and successor of the famous military leader Napoleon Bonaparte, was responsible for the minting of the first Napoleon III gold coins. Initially the President of the Second Republic, he was later made Emperor through a plebiscite. Though less known for his military exploits compared to his uncle, few realize that the majority of France’s railway lines were neither planned nor executed without him. The distinctive panorama of the French capital also owes much to him: under his leadership, large parts of the city were redesigned and completely rebuilt following the plans of the famous architect Haussmann. The boulevards of Paris as we know them today would never have come into existence without the reign of Napoleon III. His legacy, quieter and less known than his uncle’s, still shapes France today. The country in its current form is unthinkable without the reforms and improvements initiated by Napoleon III.

Highlights of This Coin

  •  High security against counterfeiting due to the classic design
  •  Highly resistant to wear thanks to 900/1000 coin gold
  •  Popular among collectors and investors

The Monnaie de Paris, the state mint of France, has existed since before the year 1000. Today, it mints various coins, including unusual collector’s items as well as Euro coins.

Extra informatie

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