20 French Francs Cérès 2nd Republic | Gold | 1848-1852


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20 French Francs Cérès 2nd Republic Gold 1848-1852

Unlike most other French coins of this era, the gold coins of the Second Republic do not feature the portrait of a ruler but rather the mythical figure of Cérès. Better known as Demeter, she was the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility. There is hardly a more fitting symbol for a young and aspiring nation than the short-lived Second Republic.

Highlights of This Coin

  •  A genuine piece of European numismatic history
  •  Minted from durable 900/1000 coin gold
  •  Brief minting period during the Second Republic

As with most gold coins from the 19th and early 20th centuries, this coin is minted in coin gold. The 100/1000 copper content gives it high resistance to wear. Therefore, many coins from this series are still available in excellent condition today and are popular not only among collectors but also among investors as an elegant investment and a complement to the usual gold bullion coins.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 5,81 kg


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