20 Franc Louis Philippe I | Gold | 1830-1848


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20 Franc Louis Philippe I. Gold 1830-1848

Louis Philippe was the last king of France and thus the last French king whose portrait was minted on gold coins. Initially a proponent of the Revolution, Louis Philippe’s path led him to Dumouriez, who turned traitor against the Republic. Ultimately, after various twists and turns, the July Revolution of 1830 brought him to power, where he remained for eighteen years until the bourgeois revolution of 1848. Little did anyone suspect at the outbreak of this revolution that it would lead to the rise of Napoleon III as ruler and later emperor just four years later.

Highlights of This Coin

  • – Features the portrait of the last French king
  • – Minted from durable 900/1000 coin gold
  • – A genuine piece of European numismatic history

Because they bear the portrait of the last French king, coins with the likeness of Louis Philippe are sought after by collectors. Particularly well-preserved examples fetch excellent collector prices due to the coins’ age. Since the gold coins were made from so-called coin gold with a high copper content, they are very resistant to wear and can still be found in very good condition.

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