2 oz Lunar III Dragon | Silver | 2024 | Coloured


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2 oz Lunar III Dragon | Silver | 2024 | Coloured


The dragon, frequently appearing in Chinese culture, holds significant symbolism representing courage, determination, optimism, and sharp intellect. This intricately detailed depiction of the dragon on the reeded edge coin was colorized with great artistry by the renowned Australian mint, The Perth Mint. Below the image, you’ll find the Chinese character for “dragon” and to the right, “P125”, commemorating the mint’s 125th anniversary. Further below, “DRAGON” and the minting year “2024” are inscribed.


You’ll observe the widely recognized portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, adorned with a crown, earrings, and a (presumably precious) necklace. Unlike her son, her gaze is directed to the right. Upon closer inspection of her left shoulder, you’ll find the initials “JC” denoting Jody Clark, the British engraver behind this portrait. The former queen is encircled prominently. Outside this circle, you’ll read “ELIZABETH II” and the years of her reign “1952 – 2022”, followed by the minting country “AUSTRALIA”. Towards the bottom, “2 oz, 9999 Ag” denotes the weight of fine silver and the face value “2 DOLLARS”. “Ag” is the abbreviation for the Latin word “Argentum”, meaning “Silver” in English.

The weight of fine silver in this coin is 62.207 grams.

About The Perth Mint

Established in 1899 as a branch of the British Royal Mint in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, The Perth Mint now exclusively produces bullion coins and bars in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Additionally, the mint operates a gold refinery and jewelry manufacturing.

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