2 oz Ice Age Woolly Mammoth Silver Coin | 2024


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2 oz Ice Age Woolly Mammoth Silver Coin | 2024

The Obverse Side

Surely you know the computer animated film ICE AGE! Maybe you’ve even seen all 6 episodes? In any case, you can now enjoy a reunion with the prehistoric woolly mammoth in the form of this silver coin and savour the impressive depiction of the renowned mint “The Royal Canadian Mint“. The incredible size, the fearsome tusks and the majestic presence of this huge and unfortunately extinct animal from the elephant family are very well captured. They are further proof of the high craftsmanship of the Royal Canadian Mint. Within this depiction, which additionally emphasises the presence of the animal with a circle that seems to step out of it with one foot, you can see the maple leaf on the left, the symbol of Canada, which also adorns the flag of this country, and on the right the initials “JC”, which are the abbreviation of Jody Clarc, interestingly enough an engraver from the English mint “The Royal Mint”. Below this you can read the fineness “9999”. The area outside this border is hatched. There you will find the words “CANADA 2024” and “FINE SILVER 2 OZ ARGENT PUR”. The word “ARGENT” is the abbreviation of the Latin word “Argentum”, which translates as “silver”. This coin is therefore made of 9999 pure silver.

The Reverse Side

On the hatched background of this coin, which is fluted at the edge, is the portrait of King Charles III, who, unlike his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is looking to the left. Surrounding his portrait are the words “CHARLES III, D G REX” and the face value of this coin “10 DOLLARS”. “D G REX” is the abbreviation of the Latin “Dei Gratia Rex” and translates as “By the grace of God, King.”

About “The Royal Canadian Mint”

It was founded on 2 January 1908 as the “Canadian branch” of the British mint The Royal Mint. In addition to silver, gold and commemorative coins, it also produces the well-known “Maple Leaf” coin in various denominations.

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