100g Gold Bar | Argor-Heraeus | Kinebar


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100g Gold Bar | Argor-Heraeus | Kinebar

This 100g gold bar is equipped with a special security hologram on the back, providing you with a counterfeit-proof investment. This combines the aspect of security with aesthetic quality. It represents a primary unique feature of the 100g Kinebars. The hologram is applied to the back of the gold bar using a technology kept confidential, similar to that used in the production of rice passports.

This 100g Kinebar gold bar from Argor-Heraeus has a high gold fineness of 999.9, indicated on the top of the gold bar. You can also see the manufacturer’s name along with their logo and a serial number, serving as an additional security feature. This gold bar is produced using minting technology, resulting in a particularly clear font.

Compared to other gold bars, the 100g Kinebars feature special attributes such as the Kinegram, serial number, and blister packaging with authenticity certificate. The renowned manufacturer Argor-Heraeus always guarantees high production and product quality.

Treat yourself to this special 100g gold bar | Argor-Heraeus | Kinebar to enrich your financial portfolio, and order the gold bar with just a few clicks from your StoneX Bullion shop! Protected from contamination by the blister packaging and equipped with a certificate as a guarantee of authenticity, you can soon hold it in your hands!

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