10 oz Tudor Beasts Unicorn Silver Coin | 2024


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10 oz Tudor Beasts Unicorn Silver Coin | 2024

The Obverse

What a powerful sight: “The Seymour Unicorn,” looking directly at you on the obverse, holding a splendidly modeled coat of arms in its front hooves, securely fastened around its neck and anchored to the ground. With the series “The Royal Tudor Beasts,” the renowned mint The Royal Mint aims to commemorate the ten heraldic beasts that guard the moat bridge of Hampton Court Palace. These were modeled by order of Henry VIII and are intended to testify to his royal lineage, symbolizing the legitimacy of royal rule. This wild unicorn was considered the strongest of all animals and symbolizes fertility and purity. The theme of “fertility” was of great importance to Henry VIII, and it is possible that the king reinforced his desire for a son by gifting this unicorn to Jane Seymour.

Inscribed around the unicorn, prominently in uppercase letters, you can read: “SEYMOUR UNICORN,” “10 oz,” “FINE SILVER,” the purity “999.9,” and the year of minting “2024.”

The Reverse

The reverse features the portrait of British King Charles III. It was designed by Martin Jennings, whose initials “MJ” can be discerned around the neck of the portrait upon close inspection. This depiction was personally authorized by the king. Unlike his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III gazes to the left. Surrounding the portrait, you’ll find the inscriptions “CHARLES III,” “D.G.REX. F. D,” and the face value of the coin “10 POUNDS.” These abbreviated letters stand for “Dei Gratia Rex, Fidei Defensor,” which translates to “King by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith.”

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