10 oz Lunar III Rabbit | Gold | 2023


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10 oz Lunar III Rabbit | Gold | 2023

The renowned mint Perth Mint continues the third Lunar series with the rabbit motif, which began with the 2020 issue. The rabbit is the fourth sign of the twelve-year Chinese lunar calendar, which comes with the following story: The Jade Emperor held a race across a river between the twelve zodiac animals to decide the order in which they should be placed in the calendar. The winner would lead the zodiac, with the others following in the order they finished.

The Significance of the Rabbit in the Chinese Lunar Calendar

As mentioned, the rabbit took fourth place. People born under the sign of the rabbit value a familiar environment. They find security and structure through close relationships and rituals, helping them maintain their inner balance. Rabbits are adaptable, friendly, peace-loving, and very diplomatic. Despite their reserved nature, they know exactly what they want and pursue their goals discreetly but with efficient precision. The rabbit uses its cleverness and cunning to achieve its aims, always trying to avoid conflicts or harsh words.

The rabbit is a true diplomat, assessing its chances in advance thanks to excellent observational skills. It can focus well and is highly sensitive and empathetic in personal relationships. Additionally, the rabbit possesses a strong sense of justice.

The Design of the Gold Coin

The gold coin features a lively motif of a rabbit hopping among tall grasses. The design includes the Chinese character for “rabbit,” the inscription “RABBIT 2023,” and the Perth Mint’s mintmark “P.” The adorable rabbit on the design side seems very excited about the new year, jumping as high as it can in joy. It appears to reflect on the past year’s experiences before focusing on the events of the upcoming 12 months.

The value side of the coin depicts the Jody Clark effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the weight “10 oz,” the gold purity “999.9,” and the face value of 1,000 Australian Dollars.

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