10 oz Little John Myths & Legends Silver Coin | 2024


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10 oz Little John Myths & Legends Silver Coin | 2024

Do you know Little John, an important companion and a key figure in the legends of Robin Hood? On this new masterpiece from the world-renowned mint The Royal Mint, you see him depicted on the obverse, looking quite lifelike and somewhat martial. Before we delve into the precise description of this wonderful silver coin, the third edition from the series “Myths & Legends”, let us briefly introduce you to Little John!

According to legend, Little John was one of the most loyal and physically strongest companions of Robin Hood. Contrary to his name, which translates to “Little John,” he was of impressive stature. Legend has it that he and Robin Hood encountered each other on a narrow bridge, where both fought for the right to cross it. Little John emerged victorious, and they became not enemies but thick and unbreakable friends thereafter. He stands steadfastly by Robin Hood’s side in the fight to uphold the rights of the poor and oppressed. He was also said to have a huge appetite and was particularly known for his combat skills with a long staff. But he was also reputed to be excellent at archery.

The Obverse

Here, you see him depicted standing in the forest with his aforementioned long staff. With his full beard and mane of hair, he undoubtedly looks somewhat fearsome. Surrounding his figure, you can read: “LITTLE JOHN,” “10 OZ,” “FINE SILVER,” “999.9,” and the year of issue “2024.” This coin is of proof quality.

The Reverse

It features the familiar effigy of King Charles III, who has been reigning since 2022, crafted by British sculptor Martin Jennings and personally approved by the king. Do you notice that His Majesty gazes to the left, unlike his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who always looked to the right? Around the portrait, you’ll find the inscriptions “CHARLES III • D • G • REX • F • D” and the nominal value of the coin “10 POUNDS.” The letters “D • G • REX • F • D” translate to “King by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith” in English.

Acquiring this magnificent 10 oz Little John Myths & Legends Silver Coin | 2024 is easy with just a few clicks at your StoneX Bullion Shop. Upon receipt of your payment, delivery will be made within a few days. You’ll receive this masterpiece, effectively protected against dirt and damage, in a plastic capsule.

Extra informatie

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