10 oz Britannia Charles III Silver Coin | 2024


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10 oz Britannia Charles III Silver Coin | 2024

You are acquiring a truly opulently designed and minted coin featuring the effigy of the new British King Charles III at your StoneX Bullion Shop!

The Obverse

The obverse of this reeded-edge coin is adorned with Britain’s national figure, the “Britannia,” symbolizing British values and personifying the might of the English navy. Since 1987, this motif has adorned gold coins minted by The Royal Mint. This coin now possesses new counterfeit-resistant features to prevent illegal imitations.

You’ll see Britannia, looking sideways, armed with a helmet, shield, and sword. On closer inspection, wave-like forms fill the background. From the viewer’s perspective, within the division of the British flag, you can discern a shield held in her right hand, completing her defensive posture. The edge inscription reads “BRITANNIA,” the year “2024,” the denomination “10 oz,” and “999 FINE SILVER.” If you look closely beneath the ground on which Britannia stands, you’ll see the name “NATHAN,” referring to the artist Philip Nathan, who created this motif in 1987.

The Reverse

The reverse features the first coin portrait of King Charles III, crafted by sculptor Martin Jennings and personally approved by the king. You might notice that Charles, unlike his mother Queen Elizabeth II, gazes to the left. Surrounding the portrait, you’ll find the inscription “CHARLES III,” the letters “D G REX F D,” and the face value of this exquisite coin, “10 POUNDS.” “D G REX F D” are the initials of the British motto “Dei Gratia Rex Fidei Defensor,” which translates to “By the Grace of God, King, Defender of the Faith.”

Counterfeit Security Features on the Obverse

To avoid imitations, The Royal Mint has incorporated several unique features. You’ll notice a reeded circle on the lower left side. Depending on the angle you view this circle from, you may discern a trident or a padlock. The wave-like background reeding and the reeding on Britannia’s shield are also features aimed at preventing counterfeits. Around the height of the letter “N” in the inscription “999 FINE SILVER,” you’ll discover a very finely stamped motto, “DECUS ET TUTAMEN,” which translates to “An ornament and a safeguard.”

You can purchase this magnificent 10 oz Britannia Charles III Silver Coin | 2024 with just a few clicks at your StoneX Bullion Shop, not only to enhance your portfolio but also to delight a loved one. Once your payment is received, it will be promptly shipped to you.

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