10 Dollar Eagle “Indian Head” | Gold | 1908-1933


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10 Dollar Eagle “Indian Head” Gold Coin 1908-1933

The 1908-1933 $10 Eagle was designed by famous sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, which features the famous ‚Indian Head‘ design, which is a bust portrait of Miss Liberty wearing an Indian-style headdress. President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned Saint-Gaudens to bring new life and assist the U.S gold coinage program because he wanted to see artistry return to the nation’s coinage, where he felt it was lacking. It’s safe to say Roosevelt’s goal was met as the famous ‚Indian Head‘ motif marked a revival for American coinage.

Another change President Roosevelt proposed was to remove the inscription „IN GOD WE TRUST“ from the coin as he believed placing God’s name on money was blasphemous. However, his proposal was denied by an act of Congress, and the Deity’s name was put back on the coin for the duration of the coin’s production until 1933.

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