1 oz Tudor Beasts The Bull of Clarence Silver Coin | Proof | 2023


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1 oz Tudor Beasts The Bull of Clarence Silver Coin | Proof | 2023

The Royal Mint is commemorating the ten heraldic beasts that line the Moat Bridge of Hampton Court Palace and in the meantime celebrating a fascinating period of British history..

The beautiful Bull of Clarence coin 1 oz Silver is the fourth issue of the Royal Tudor Beasts collection.(which will count 10 coins in total)

The magnificent design on the reverse of the beautiful silver coin 1 oz has been created by the artist David Lawrence. He has been an illustrator and sculptor for more than 30 years and worked in a number of areas, including oil painting and in recent years he has found himself drawn to projects of historical significance: reconstructions, museum spaces and coin design.

The inspiration for the design created by David Lawrence comes from the statue of the Bull which lines the Moat Bridge of Hampton Court Palace, (alongside the other 9 statues the Seymour Panther, the Bull of Clarence, the Tudor Dragon, the Greyhound of Richmond, the Royal Dragon, the Yale of Beaufort, the Seymour Unicorn, the Queen’s Panther and the Queen’s Lion). The beasts symbolise the legitimacy of the king’s rule by portraying his regal ancestry. Artist David Lawrence took his inspiration from the statues but chose not to recreate them but opted for a balance of hearlaic style with dynamism of the animals themselves.

The reverse features the magnificent Bull of Clarence holding a shield with the Tudor Rose. The Tudor Rose signifies the marriage between Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, uniting the House of Lancaster and the House of York.The Bull of Clarence is a mighty, formidable beast and a heraldic symbol affiliated with the rise of the House of York during the 15th century.

It is strong and impressive and is said to be the most powerful beasts who guard Hampton Court Palace. The inscriptions here are only Bull of Clarence and the year of mintage 2023.

The obverse of the 1oz coin depicts the portrait of the new king Charles III. This coin is the first commemorative Proof Britannia coin to feature the portrait of His Majesty King Charles III by Martin Jennings following the death of Elizabeth II.

Martin Jennings is best known for his public sculptures which include the poet John Betjeman, in St Pancras Station in London, and Philip Larkin in Hull. He used photographs to come up with the design, rather than the King sitting for a specific portrait. After working from the photographs, Martin Jennings then modelled his design in plaster which was digitally reduced to the correct size for a coin.

The end result is quite a realistic and vibrant portrait with Charles facing to the left (the opposite of his mother according to the tradition for British monarchs to face a different direction to their predecessor) , bare head (no crown) and with a more approachable feel.

Here you will find the inscriptions: “Charles” and ‘D G REX FD’ (‘Dei Gratia Rex Fidei Defensor’ -(Charles III by Grace of God King, Defender of the Faith”), the face value 2 pounds and the year of mintage 2023.

Proof coins are struck several times using specially polished dyes to create a flawless finish, with a perfect mirrored background and frosted design.

By acquiring this beautiful Royal Tudor Beasts The Bull of Clarence 1 oz Silver proof coin, you will buy a part of British history, and pay homage to the new Monarch Charles III.

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