1 oz Lunar III Dragon | Silver | 2024


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1 oz Lunar III Dragon | Silver | 2024

The Lunar III series coins have been minted by the world-renowned Australian mint, The Perth Mint, since 2020, featuring different animal motifs based on the Chinese lunar calendar. This coin highlights the Year of the Dragon as the fifth of twelve motifs.

The Obverse

The obverse features the depiction of an unfettered dragon. Contrary to Western interpretations, in Chinese culture, the dragon is not a fearsome creature. Instead, it symbolizes self-confidence, a captivating presence, good luck, wealth, and power for those born under this sign. At the bottom center of the reeded coin, you can see the Chinese character for “Dragon,” with the English word “DRAGON” below it. Underneath is the year “2024.” To the right of the Chinese character, the inscription “P125” marks the 125th anniversary of The Perth Mint.

The Reverse

The reverse prominently displays the well-known portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, wearing a crown, pearl earrings, and the famous pearl necklace. Over her left shoulder are the initials “JC,” indicating Jody Clark, the engraver from The Royal Mint. Surrounding the portrait of the former English queen is the inscription: “ELIZABETH II. 1952-2022,” marking the years of her reign. This is followed by “AUSTRALIA” and the denomination “1 DOLLAR,” indicating Australian dollars. Below this, you see the weight “1oz” and the purity “9999,” along with the letters “Ag,” the abbreviation for the Latin word “argentum,” meaning “silver.”

Purchase Information

Don’t hesitate to expand your portfolio with this strikingly designed coin! You can conveniently make this purchase from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks in your StoneX Bullion Shop. Additionally, the 1 oz Lunar III Dragon Silver Coin | 2024 would make an original gift for a loved one. Upon receiving your payment, the coin will be shipped the same day. The coin comes protected against dirt and damage in a plastic capsule.

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