1 oz Krugerrand Silver Coin | 2024


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1 oz Krugerrand Silver Coin | 2024

The Obverse Side

On it you can recognise the springbok, the heraldic animal of South Africa, the symbol that has adorned the Krugerrand coins for 51 years. To the right and left of the animal is the year 2024, while the top edge of the fluted coin reads “KRUGERRAND” in capital letters. At the bottom, in both Afrikaans and English, you can read: “FYNSILVER 1 OZ FINE SILVER” and the face value “R 1”, which means 1 rand and is the currency of the Republic of South Africa. This information is new, as the gold Krugerrand has no denomination.

The Reverse Side

You can see the portrait of Paul Kruger, who was President of the Republic of South Africa from 1882 to 1902 and the founder of the Kruger National Park. Around his portrait are the words (again in two languages): “SUID-AFRICA” and “SOUTH AFRICA”.

In your StoneX Bullion Shop you can now purchase this current 1 oz Krugerrand Silver Coin | 2024 with just a few clicks. It has a purity of 999/1,000 and a fine weight of 31.1035 g.

The purchase of such a coin not only completes and enriches your existing portfolio, but also makes an excellent and original gift for a loved one! It will be dispatched the same day we receive your payment!

Extra informatie

Gewicht 31,1035 kg


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