1 oz Klondike Gold Rush Panning for Gold .99999 Gold Coin (2021)


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1 oz Klondike Gold Rush Panning for Gold .99999 Gold Coin (2021)

The Story Behind It

Imagine standing in a stream, searching for gold…and you find it! This was the golden promise that, for a brief period, attracted over 30,000 fortune seekers to the north of Canada. This influx changed the country, its people, and their traditional way of life forever, with effects that are still felt today. The world-famous “Klondike Gold Rush”, which took place from 1896 to 1899, is a significant chapter in Canada’s history. In 2021, the 125th anniversary of the discovery that started it all was celebrated. Following the initial gold discoveries at Rabbit Creek (Bonanza) in August 1896, a full-blown rush developed the following year from the initial interest of gold seekers.

The ensuing boom days spurred the Yukon’s entry into the Confederation and Canada’s development into one of the world’s leading gold producers. However, the Klondike Gold Rush also had devastating impacts on local Indigenous communities. The gold seekers not only displaced these communities but also introduced policies that fundamentally undermined their traditional way of life—a legacy these communities still grapple with today. The Klondike Gold Rush is often seen as a great frontier adventure, but its legacy is more complex. It wasn’t just a “get-rich-quick” frenzy—it was a pivotal moment that transformed the lives of those who experienced it and reshaped the nation forever.

The Unique Features of the 1 oz Klondike Gold Rush Panning for Gold Gold Coin

With this coin, you acquire the first coin in the new Klondike Gold Rush series with a purity of 999.99. As you can see in your StoneX Bullion shop, it has been beautifully designed with exquisite details and crafted to the exacting standards of the Royal Canadian Mint from 99.999% pure gold. You are acquiring a coin that meets the highest standard for pure gold available worldwide. The coin field features a micro-engraved maple leaf laser mark.

After your payment is processed in the StoneX Bullion shop, your trusted shop, you will receive the gold coin in a unique credit card-sized package—an ideal format for easy handling and convenient storage. The certificate of authenticity, signed by the Chief Assayer of the Royal Canadian Mint, is found on the back of the card, certifying the coin’s authenticity and purity. With a face value of 200 Canadian Dollars, it is the highest denomination of all legal tender 1 oz gold bullion coins.

By adding the 1 oz Klondike Gold Rush Panning for Gold .99999 Gold Coin (2021) to your collection, you are enhancing and enriching your portfolio in an exceptionally exquisite manner!

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