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Mixed Year 1oz 100 Pounds Gold Britannia

Gold Britannia 1oz coins have played a significant role in the precious metal bullion market since they were first released as assets for private investors in 1987. Nothing has changed and thanks to the Britannia’s exquisite design, 24 karat purity and high liquidity continue to perform strongly as an investment tool. These coins are worthy of any investment portfolio regardless of year, although it should be noted that from 2013, the Royal Mint increased the gold purity to .9999 from 916.7 thus, later editions have a slight edge over earlier counterparts.

Why buy 1 oz Gold Britannias?

The Gold Britannia boasts a classic design and is manufactured using advanced minting techniques that ensure their quality and security. Recognised all over the world, Britannia coins are held in high esteem and investors will have no problems finding a buyer for the coins when the time comes to sell. Coin enthusiasts also recognize the numismatic and aesthetic value of the Britannia because of their history and association of a nation with an illustrious past. Collectors are often therefore willing to pay attractive prices for Britannia coins from earlier years.

Design of Britannia Coins

The 1oz Gold Britannia coins carry a nominal value of £100 although are worth much more in the current economic climate. They are easily distinguishable by the figure of Lady Britannia engraved on the reverse side, a symbol associated with Britain since Roman times.

There has been a couple of images of Lady Britannia since the inauguration of the coin, the original standing position realized by Philip Nathan and the seated Britannia first struck in 2005 which recalls the original image of the Roman Britannia dating back as far as the 2nd Century.
On all Britannia coins, the Goddess is pictured with a trident and shield and is wearing a Corinthian helmet. She also holds an olive branch which is a symbol of victory and peace and historically worn by brides and virgins.
The only exception to the usual figure of Britannia is the 2003 coins which features the head of the Goddess wearing a helmet – as though she were preparing for war.

The obverse side features the familiar effigy of Her Majesty the Queen designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. Around the portrait is the Latin inscription “ELIZABETH II, D, G, REG, FID, DEF”, meaning “Dei gratia regina, fidei defensor “, or in English “By the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith”.

History of Britannia Coins

Gold Britannia coins first existed in Roman times, but did not make a revival until 1987 when the Royal Mint began manufacturing them to meet global demands for gold bullion coins. The original coins featured as fineness of 91.7% which amount to 22 karat gold, but in 2013, the Royal Mint decided to increase the gold content to 99.99% in order to compete with other leading gold bullion coins on the market.

This was an unprecedented decision by the Royal Mint who up until recently had an unwavering faith in traditional values and the unexpected break was met with an initial air skepticism. However, intrinsic experts, numismatists and knowledgeable coin collectors knew better and realize that everything has to evolve with the times. A new age for Britannia gold coins has begun and a positive future beckons.

Security of Britannia Coins

One ounce Britannia coins are minted to the highest standards of quality assurance and the Royal Mint take every measure to ensure their products offer security to investors. As a result, it is practically impossible to counterfeit Britannia coins without the fraud being detected by experienced dealers like the experts at StoneX Bullion.

Selling your 1 oz Gold Britannias

We buy Britannia coins, too. at fair rates and are happy to assist customers or sellers with their investment. We cannot guarantee you a specific year from our mixed year collection, but the surprise is part of the excitement of buying mixed year coins. If you are looking for a specific year, please contact our staff at customercare@stonexbullion.com. If you have any 1oz Britannia coins for sale, we would love to hear from you with the details. So do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff to get a fixed fee offer.

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