1 oz Britannia Charles III Platinum | 2024


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1 oz Britannia Charles III Platinum Coin | 2024

With this beautifully crafted platinum coin from the renowned mint The British Royal Mint, featuring a purity of 999.5, you secure a true “jewel” for your collection or portfolio!

Obverse Side

The obverse side depicts Britannia, resembling a Greek goddess, as the personification of the British people. She is armed with a Corinthian helmet and a protective shield, holding in her hand a plant reminiscent of an olive branch, symbolizing peace.

Reverse Side

Here you’ll find the effigy of the British King Charles III, who unlike his mother, gazes to the right. Surrounding his portrait are the inscriptions “CHARLES III. D G REX F D” and the denomination “100 POUNDS.” The letters “D G REX F D” abbreviate the Latin words “Dei Gratia Rex, Fidei Defensor,” translating to “By the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith.”

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