1 oz Big Five Elephant Gold Coin | 2024


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1 oz Big Five Elephant Gold Coin | 2024

It’s no wonder that the elephant, as the largest land-dwelling animal in the world, has made it onto this coin from South Africa! The elephant also symbolises strength and size, wisdom and power, as well as peace and happiness.

Minted by the Rand Refinery South Africa, you can see this mighty animal here, which is part of the Big Five series. The lion, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo are also part of this series and symbolise the animal kingdom of Africa.

The Obverse Side

A fully-grown elephant with its mighty tusks looks out at you. Beneath this particularly vividly crafted head, you will recognise the lettering “SOUTH AFRICA” on the left and “BIG FIVE 2024” on the right.

The Reverse Side

You can recognise two elephant portraits. In the centre – and therefore very prominently placed and surrounded by an extra circle – you can read “FIFTY RAND” in the outer circle and “Au 999.9” underneath. This means that it is a coin made of “gold” with a purity of 999.9. In the centre you can see “1 oz”. The fine weight is 31.1035 g.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 31,1035 kg


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