1 oz Beowulf Myths and Legends Silver Coin | 2024


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1 oz Beowulf Myths and Legends Silver Coin | 2024

Historical Background

For the Germans, the Nibelungenlied; for the English, the epic tale of Beowulf—comprising 3,182 verses. Presumed to have originated around 700 AD, the narrative unfolds circa 600 AD in Denmark, representing the most significant work in Old English literature. Beowulf, the hero, hails from the Geats, a presumed North Germanic people of Götaland in present-day Sweden. Beowulf learns of a malevolent monster threatening the Danish king and causing widespread devastation. He journeys to confront this threat, encapsulating the essence of the epic. As with many epics, themes of heroism, good versus evil, bravery, glory, and honor prominently feature.

The Obverse Side

It depicts Beowulf in combat with Grendel, a supernatural monster. Impressively detailed, highlighting the size disparity, Beowulf bravely wields his spear against the fiend, teeth bared and ready to strike. Surrounding the central figures are the inscriptions: “BEOWULF & GRENDEL 2024.” At the bottom edge, you read: “1 oz FINE SILVER 999.”

The Reverse Side

Here, you see the portrait of the current English King, Charles III, facing left, unlike his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Surrounding his likeness are the inscriptions: “CHARLES III. D G REX F D” and the face value of this reeded edge coin, “2 POUNDS.” The letters “D G REX F D” abbreviate the Latin words “Dei Gratia Rex, Fidei Defensor,” translating to “King by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith.”

The Mint: The Royal Mint

Established in 886, the renowned and globally recognized mint of the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint, is responsible for minting British coins as well as those for other nations. Additionally, it produces medals, such as the Olympic medals for the 2012 London Olympics.

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