1 oz Beowulf Myths and Legends Gold Coin | 2024


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1 oz Beowulf Myths and Legends Gold Coin | 2024

Historical Background

What the Nibelungenlied is to the Germans, the heroic poem of Beowulf is to the English—a grand epic consisting of 3,182 verses. It likely originated around the year 700 AD. The narrative is set around 600 AD and takes place in Denmark, making it the most significant epic in the Anglo-Saxon language. The hero, Beowulf, hails from the Geats, believed to be a North Germanic people from Götaland, located in present-day Sweden. Beowulf hears of a menacing monster that threatens the Danish king and kills many people. He travels to support the king, forming the core of the epic. As with many epics, themes of heroism, good versus evil, bravery, glory, and honor play significant roles.

The Obverse Side

It depicts Beowulf in his battle with Grendel, a monster with supernatural powers. In a wonderfully vivid portrayal, highlighting the size differences, Beowulf fearlessly raises his spear against the fiend, who is baring its teeth and appears ready to pounce. Surrounding the prominently featured combatants are the inscriptions: “BEOWULF & GRENDEL 2024.” At the bottom edge, you read: “1 oz FINE GOLD 999.9.”

The Reverse Side

Here, you see the portrait of the current English King, Charles III. Unlike his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, he faces left. Surrounding his likeness are the inscriptions: “CHARLES III. D G REX F D” and the face value of this reeded edge coin, “100 POUNDS.” The letters “D G REX F D” are abbreviations of the Latin words: “Dei Gratia Rex, Fidei Defensor,” meaning “King by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith.”

The Mint: The Royal Mint

Founded in 886, the renowned and world-famous mint of the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint, is tasked with producing British coins as well as those for other countries. Additionally, it mints medals, such as the Olympic medals for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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