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1 Ducat | Gold Coin

The Austrian 1 Ducat gold coin is a truly unique collector’s item that is not only recognised as an important modern investment but also has sentimental historic value. Although 1 Ducat coins are still produced by the Austrian Mint as a commemorative coin, they bear the date of 1915, a dedication to Emperor Franz Joseph I. The 1 Ducat coin interests collectors and investors for its high gold content and its historical importance.

Why buy 1 Ducat Gold Coins

The Austrian 1 Ducat gold coin is remarkable for several reasons. Most notably it contains a 98.60% fineness which for a former circulation coin is particularly high. The coins are also historically unique in that they are issued by the modern-day Mint in Vienna, but are still manufactured to original dimensions and dates. No other special, commemorative coins boast the same privilege. As a result the Ducat is highly collectable, and because they contain a purity that is equivalent to 23 3/4 karat gold, promise an excellent return on your investment.

Design of 1 Ducat Gold Coins

The distinguished design of the 1 Ducat gold coin features the profile of Franz Joseph I on the obverse side – the longest-serving Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The reverse features the former Coat of Arms of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which features a double-headed eagle that has spiritual connotations meaning to be in touch with the higher self and having the ability to see everything. The unusual aspect of the 1 Ducat coins is the year that appears on the coins – 1915. Although the coins were not manufactured between 1914 and 1920, the date 1915 was chosen to demonstrate the continuation of the mint and also to dedicate the coins to Franz Joseph I who passed away in 1916.

History of Gold Coins From The Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint is one of the oldest in the world having been founded with the proceeds of ransom money in 1194. Whilst Richard I of England was on his way home from the Crusades, he was kidnapped by Leopold V of Austria who held the King captive until the British Crown paid 12 tonnes of silver for his release. Ducats first made an appearance in 1612 for the purpose of trade with neighbouring countries. This tradition continued until 1914 following the outbreak of the First World War. The coin was reintroduced in 1920, but as an investment coin, rather than a trading coin. The purpose was to commemorate Emperor Franz Joseph I who died in 1916 after 68 years as monarch of Austria. All Ducats produced after 1914, bear the date 1915 regardless of the year the coins are actually issued. The 1 Ducat gold coins also feature the same design it had during the 68 years Emperor Franz Joseph I had reigned over the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Security of Austrian 1 Ducat gold coins

The Austrian Mint in Vienna is one of the oldest in the world and has a long-standing reputation as one of the finest manufacturers of gold bullion coins. The Ducat is a prime example given the coins feature a design that was created in the early 20th Century and is practically impossible to replicate today without the right tools. Owners of 1 Ducat gold coin can therefore be assured they are receiving authentic merchandise.

Buying and selling gold coins

To buy Austrian 1 Ducat from the StoneX Bullion online store could not be easier. All you have to do is update the quantity field to the right of the image at the top of the page to tell us how many coins you would like to purchase, then add your order to your shopping cart by clicking on the orange strip. From there select the country you would like us to send your order and proceed to checkout.

StoneX Bullion GmbH also buys coins from third-party sellers, so if you have any 1 Ducat gold pieces at your disposal and would like to cash in on your investment, do not hesitate to give us a call. As a leading dealer of gold bullion coins, we offer highly competitive prices based on current market rates, so get in touch with one of our friendly advisors and we will evaluate your product.

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