1/4 oz Lunar III Dragon | Gold | 2024


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1/4 oz Lunar III Dragon | Gold | 2024


This side features a meticulously detailed depiction of a fearsome dragon. You can see its serpentine body, scales, and curved horns on its head with sharp teeth in its mouth. Stylized waves at the bottom edge of the coin underscore the martial appearance of the creature. Around the level of its mouth, you’ll find the Chinese character for “Dragon,” with “DRAGON” in capital letters and the year “2024” below. Slightly below these inscriptions on the right side of this masterpiece from the Australian mint, The Perth Mint, you’ll find the imprint “P125,” a tribute to the 125th anniversary of this renowned institution.


You’ll see the world-famous portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Her left shoulder bears the initials “JC,” indicating the designer of the portrait, Jody Clark. Surrounding her portrait are the inscriptions: “ELIZABETH II 1952-2022,” denoting her reign, “AUSTRALIA,” the face value “25 DOLLAR,” and the purity “9999 Au,” where “Au” stands for the Latin word “aurum,” translating to “Gold.”

Enhance your portfolio with this reeded-edge 1/4 oz Lunar III Dragon Gold Coin | 2024 in a particularly “shiny” way. Best of all, you can purchase it with just a few clicks from your StoneX Bullion Shop, comfortably from home! Shipping occurs on the same day as receipt of your payment.

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