1/20 oz Lunar III Dragon | Gold | 2024


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1/20 oz Lunar III Dragon | Gold | 2024


Displayed here is a meticulously detailed depiction of a dragon poised for battle, seemingly amidst waves. Within Chinese zodiac symbolism, the dragon represents courage, strength, and optimism. It is also believed to possess sharp intellect, instilling great confidence. According to Chinese legend, the dragon resides in water and ascends to the heavens in early summer, symbolizing the rainy season in China and the time of harvest. To the right of this illustration, you’ll find the Chinese character for “Dragon,” and to the left, “P125,” signifying the mint of this coin, namely “The Perth Mint,” the renowned Australian institution commemorating its 125th anniversary in 2024.


You’ll recognize the world-famous portrait of British Queen Elizabeth II, designed by British engraver Jody Clark, with his initials inscribed on the queen’s left shoulder. She gazes towards the right, unlike the current British King Charles III, who looks to the left. The surrounding inscription reads: “Elizabeth II.” followed by her reign dates, “1952 – 2022.” Additionally, it states the country “AUSTRALIA,” the face value “5 DOLLARS,” the weight and purity “1/20 oz 999 Au.” “Au” derives from Latin “Aurum,” translating to “Gold.” This reeded coin weighs 1.555175g of fine gold.

About The Perth Mint

Established in 1899 in Perth, Australia, The Perth Mint is the oldest operating mint in Australia. Initially part of the British “The Royal Mint,” it became an independent entity in 1970. The mint’s activities include minting bullion coins, casting bars, and crafting jewelry from precious metals. As Australia belongs to the British Commonwealth, coins previously featured the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Gewicht 1,555175 kg


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