1/2 oz Lunar III Dragon | Silver | 2024


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1/2 oz Lunar III Dragon | Silver | 2024


The Lunar III series coins have been minted by the renowned Australian mint, The Perth Mint, since 2020, featuring changing animal motifs based on the Chinese lunar calendar. This coin highlights the Year of the Dragon as the fifth of twelve motifs.

You will see the depiction of an unleashed dragon. However, according to Chinese beliefs, the dragon is not a fearsome creature. Rather, people born under this sign are said to be endowed with great self-confidence and a particularly charismatic presence. In Chinese culture, the dragon is considered a symbol of luck, bringing wealth and power to those born under its sign. At the center bottom of the reeded coin, you can identify the Chinese character for “Dragon,” followed by the English word “DRAGON.” Below these inscriptions, you will find the year “2024.” To the right of the Chinese character for “Dragon,” you’ll notice the inscription “P125,” marking The Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary.


The reverse features the well-known portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, prominently displayed in the center, wearing a crown, pearl earring, and the famous pearl necklace. Above the queen’s left shoulder are the initials “JC,” referring to Jody Clark, the engraver of The Royal Mint. Surrounding the portrait of the former English queen, you’ll find the inscription “ELIZABETH II. 1952-2022,” indicating the years of her reign. Following this are “AUSTRALIA,” the face value of the coin “50 CENT,” representing the Australian dollar, followed by the denomination “1/2 oz,” purity “9999,” and the symbol “Ag,” representing silver in Latin as “argentum.”

Don’t hesitate to add this boldly designed coin to your portfolio! You can purchase it conveniently from your home with just a few clicks at your StoneX Bullion Shop! Moreover, this 1/2 oz Lunar III Dragon Silver Coin | 2024 would make an exceptional gift for a loved one! After receiving your payment, we’ll ship the coin the same day, securely protected against dirt and damage in a plastic capsule.

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