1/10 oz Britannia Charles III Silver Coin | 2024


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1/10 oz Britannia Charles III Silver Coin | 2024

The Obverse

This reeded-edge coin features Britannia, the national figure of the British Empire, whose design strongly resembles a Greek or Roman goddess. She symbolizes divine wisdom and embodies the unity of the state of Great Britain. Britannia is depicted in a martial pose with a trident, shield, and helmet. Surrounding her are inscriptions “BRITANNIA 2024” (the year of minting), along with the weight and fineness “999 FINE SILVER”. Upon closer inspection at the bottom edge, you’ll notice the name “NATHAN”, referring to Philip Nathan, the artist who designed this motif in 1987.

The Reverse

On the reverse side, you will find the portrait of King Charles III. Surrounding his likeness are the inscriptions “CHARLES III D G REX F D” and the face value “20 PENCE”. “D G Rex F D” translates from Latin to “By the Grace of God, King, Defender of the Faith”.

By acquiring this impressively designed silver coin, you are adding another highlight to your portfolio from the StoneX Bullion Shop! Shipping will occur on the same day upon receipt of your payment.

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